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Butter filter press

Press the filtering of cocoa butter

This press was designed for cleaning and filtering cocoa oils/butter, the structure is made up of two stainless steel tanks.
The material coming from the scale placed under the press is taken and inserted into the dirty butter/oil collection tank. The filter press, with the aid of a pump, collects the dirty product and transports it to the filter plates.
With the pressure pump, the waste material is retained by the filter cloths and the clean butter is stored in the control tank.
A maximum level probe will signal when the clean butter tank has filled and the pump will certainly empty the tank to transfer the clean butter/oil to the storage tank.

Data sheet

Constructive data

  • Various automations
  • An undercarriage, that can be take out, with wheels.
  • An undercarriage, that can be take out, with wheels and with upsetting device.
  • Raised legs
  • A feeding pump
  • Special and antacid protections
  • Struttura di sopraelevazione
  • Sludge homogenisation tank
  • Special versions with larger plates dimensions (1000, 1200)