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The company and our history

Vitali & Caucia srl with cocoa presses is present in the food and other industry market with specific products and solutions with complete lines for the production of liquor and cocoa butter. Our presses are also used for the production of peanut powders/oil and more (sesame, corn, castor, pistachio...).
Our technical staff is able to constantly guarantee the construction of new presses and complete plants with the highest level of technology and safety, without neglecting the productivity of the presses themselves and above all the final price, which is a point of great interest for our organization.

We are able to supply new plants and spare parts for any type of squeezing plant.

With the experience we have in the construction of cocoa presses, also gained in the 20 years of collaboration with Vitali spa, we can offer a valid solution to all your problems.



For over one hundred years we have been developing machinery for processing raw materials both for the pulverization of semi-oil products and for the extrusion of non-ferrous metals. Thanks to the expertise acquired and the continuous development, possible thanks and above all to the constant dialogue with our customers, we are today on the market in the construction of presses for squeezing cocoa and the extrusion of non-ferrous materials.


Research and technological implementation have allowed our company and, especially our products, the highest possible quality standard. This is both in terms of the care with which we build our machinery, and in terms of continuous updating in the supply of innovative and reliable solutions for our customers.


Service and maintenance are two of the main pillars of our workflow. After-sales and therefore customer support are fundamental elements for Vitali&Caucia in order to maintain the quality standard of the products. Thanks to new technologies we are able to carry out remote assistance for our customers, managing to lead local operational teams and allowing rapid and effective operations all over the world.

Tailor made

From our point of view standardization is not a good approach for production. The design of customized solutions to individual production needs has always characterized our working method. Indeed, adaptability is one of the fundamental values on which we lay the foundations for each new project. Lastly, this approach also facilitates the formulation of comprehensive economic offers commensurate with real needs.