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Homogenizer for cocoa liquor


  • To heat, homogenize, and weigh the cocoa liqueur before being loaded into the press.

Data sheet

Constructive data

  • Stainless inox tank.
  • Load cells for weighing cocoa liquor.
  • Insulated homogenizer to avoid heat dispersion.
  • Elastic joint, installed in the upper part for the homogenizer load.
  • Elastic coupling installed in the lower part to connect the homogenizer to the press loading pump.
  • Overflow safety probe.
  • Upper cover of the tank to be opened for possible inspection.
  • Heating by steam or diathermic oil.
  • Automatic regulation of steam / diathermic oil, with probe for product temperature control.
  • Internal stainless steel coil for product heating.
  • Installed power: n.1 motor 4 kW.
  • Loading capacity: from 200 Kg to 600 Kg