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Hydraulic unit


  • To guide the processing cycle machines.

Data sheets

Constructive data

  • Tank - Capacity from 50 to 600 Lt. - Structure made of steel with inspection door.
  • Low pressure pump with proportional valve.
  • High pressure pump with an electric motor of 15 kW.
  • Oil recycling, oil water cooling system with electric motor 3 kw.
  • Filter cleaning oil.
  • Filters oil return: from the cylinder and the cylinder press opening.
  • The oil of the internal circuit is completely filtered and monitored continuously.
  • Group of solenoid valves for control of the press cycle: closing / decompression / opening
  • Group of decompression Vitali & Caucia: decompression time is adjustable.
  • The electrical components are grouped into a general framework of power.
  • V&C/H.G : installed power kW 33.


Hydraulic unit compatible with all the presses (even from other manufacturers).